Process overview Fast RTM  
Fully automated RTM process  
High Pressure Injection  
Thermoset resins (TS)  
Thermoplastic resins (TP)  
Production rate Up to 30 parts/h  
Part dimensions Up to 3m²  
On-line NDT  
Process parameters monitoring and recording  
Process simulation  Numerical optimisation  



C-RTM Process

With Compression Resin Transfer Molding process, the resin mixture is fed into the mold when it is slightly open allowing partial impregnation. Then a compression stroke presses the resin through the preform for complete impregnation. By this way an high-pressure resin injection allows the use of fast-curing systems.




Eco Compact Sustainable Press (ECS PRESS)

  • Press tonnage: 1500 Tons
  • Opening and closing speed : 800 mm/s
  • Platen size : 2 m x 1,5 m with parallelism control


RTM equipments and toolings

  • Innovative modular toolings (net-shape, thermally optimized)
  • Optimised temperature control system (current flow tube technology)
  • TP and TS high pressure injection machines (30-250 cc/min)



  • Dedicated control room
  • 6 axis robots (x2) – 700 kg capacity
  • Modular prehensors (for preforms and composite parts)


Online monitoring, data saving and post-processing

  • Online controls (preform and part)
  • Centralised acquisition and archiving of process parameters
  • Energy consumption measurement


Technical services

  • Scale-up : Validate process/materials at an industrial scale
  • Pre-industrialisation : Validate robustness and production rate of RTM/C-RTM processes in an industrial context
  • Manufacturing cost reduction : Production cost reduction - Quantifiy economical advantages of RTM/C-RTM processes
  • Materials developement : Maturation and industrilalization of new materials (résins or reinfocements)
  • Process development : Optimisation of RTM/C-RTM processes and development of new processes
  • Injection process optimisation : Development and/or optimisation of injection configuration (experimental and/or simulation)


Platform availability

  • Multi-partner research projects with public co-funding
  • Research studies/services for dedicated companies
  • Platform rental with technical support
  • Training


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